How to clean the magnets

The magnets can be cleaned with water and soap only if necessary. The Stickers don´t have to be removed every time. You can stick up to 5 stickers on each other before you remove them altogether. More than 5 stickers should be removed, so that the distance between magnets and skin does not become too big. Be careful by removing used stickers to avoid crease and break of the magnet.

Does the magnet work without the golden foil?

The golden foil can scratch or displace by using. The magnets functions persists, however for aesthetic reasons it is recommended to renew the magnets from time to time. The golden foil marks the upper side of the magnet. The other side must be stuck on the skin, because here the magnetic field has the optimum strength. 

How often can I use the magnets "Magnetics effect"?

"Magnetics effect" are permanent magnets. You don´t have to throw away your patches after the first use. They can be used multiple times. Treat your permanent magnets carefully, so that they don´t break, etc. Nevertheless, it is normal that the magnets show abrasion by often usage and the outside material made of plastic rubber can break. Only then they should be substituted by new magnets. Broken magnets are no reason for reclamation. The effect of the magnets still persists.

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